About Us

Arken performance is a young startup company with a strong passion for automotive design. We here at Arken have noticed a lack of diversity of unique and creative aftermarket accessories for the General Motors performance lineup. This is where Arken intends to step in. We are offering new accessories and performance modifications that inspire Corvette, Camaro, and Colorado owners to have the best looking and best performing vehicles on the road.

We know that Corvette and Camaro owners are passionate about their vehicles, which is why we put so much time and effort into the design of our parts. Months of thought go into the design of our products, and we want to give the Chevrolet community the best accessories on the market. It's time to offer something new and different to the Chevrolet performance community, which is why the products you find at Arken will be parts that haven't been introduced anywhere else, fresh new additions to the market.

Check out our upcoming products section to preview new products under development.